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Downtown Clearwater is a Clearwater neighborhood. Downtown Clearwater has a population of approximately 1,960 people. Downtown Clearwater is an international tourist destination that attracts approximately 2 million people each year. It is the perfect blend of waterfront lifestyle and urban ambiance. The city, nestled between Tampa Bay and the Clearwater Harbor—and only a short walk from the Gulf of Mexico—offers visitors and residents a broad range of shopping, eating, and entertainment opportunities. Downtown is the city’s cultural center, including galleries and performing arts facilities such as the Bilheimer Capitol Theater, which produces concerts and musicals and was built in the 1920s. Music events are held in Waterfront Coachman Park, and the Pinellas Trail is a greenway for biking and walking. The Cleveland Street District is a pedestrian-friendly area with restaurants ranging from Thai to Israeli cuisine, as well as wine bars and informal pubs. Come for the beaches, but stay for the shopping, eating, and live entertainment options available in Clearwater’s rejuvenated downtown district. The Cleveland Street District, which overlooks the gorgeous Clearwater Harbor and Marina, is the perfect setting for a variety of concerts, festivals, and exhibitions that take place throughout the year. The District is located in the city’s core area and is surrounded by palm palms. It’s known for its outdoor shopping and dining, and it’s a nice area to sight shop while strolling around. A public art program allows you to see and photograph a variety of modern artworks. Because the District is built on a 30-foot cliff, you’ll always enjoy spectacular views of the harbor and beyond. There are lots of chairs and tables to relax at, and there is plenty of parking! It boasts the liveliness of many major Florida towns, as well as the beautiful waterfront vistas of this beautiful coastal city. Cleveland Street District hosts a variety of outdoor activities, including a famous farmers market, and is home to a charming theater that has been a mainstay in the neighborhood since 1921. Foodies will like the district’s variety of eateries, which provide everything from tacos to fresh seafood to gelato, according to previous visitors. There are also a slew of wine bars and pubs that have received glowing reviews. The American-inspired Roxy’s Coastal Bistro, the culturally influenced Clear Sky on Cleveland, and the health-focused Kara Lynn’s Kitchen are all popular with visitors. Blast Friday takes held on Cleveland Street District in Clearwater. On the last Friday of each month, from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., there will be incredible entertainment, unique vendors, food, family activities, contests, and a lot of fun. The Capitol Theater, built in 1921, is evocative of a classic Hollywood theater. It is one of Florida’s oldest functioning theaters and is regarded for having some of the greatest natural acoustics in the Southeast. In the downtown area, Marina Clearwater harbor, there are 126 boat spaces, over 1,000 feet of nightly side-tie mooring, and over 600 feet of side-tie mooring for daytime visits and special events. During the day, there is no charge for using the area.

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