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Big Storm Brewing Co.

Big Storm Brewing Co. is one of the tourist sites you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy craft beer! It has been a staple of Clearwater’s beer culture since its inception in 2012. It has received several honors and offers a wide range of stouts, lagers, and ales of all kinds. Despite the fact that the corporation has facilities all around the state, the one in this city is their primary manufacturing plant. Big Storm will brew its key brands in a big manner at its new 16,000-square-foot plant in Clearwater. These award-winning stouts are named after the summer storms that rage along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Oktoberfest Märzen Lager (Best in Show Champion and Gold Medal), Belgian Single (Silver Medal), and Helicity Pilsner are among the most recent Best Florida Beer champions (Bronze Medal). Big Storm is dedicated to becoming a Gulf Coast favorite by making drinkable beer that is crafted with spirit, authenticity, and quality. You may sit back and relax while sampling their finest brews on a 3,500 square foot under-cover outdoor terrace with large-screen TVs. They also provide delectable cuisine and pub fare, and each of their beverages comes with a suggested combination. The BroMosa Tangerine IPA, which has a pleasant and hoppy tangerine flavor, is Big Storm Brewing Co.’s most popular beer. There’s also Wavemaker Amber Ale, which was the company’s inaugural brew. It has a smooth taste because of the use of chocolate malt, Munich malt, and Canadian barley. The bold and lemony Palm Bender Gulf Coast IPA, the flowery Tropic Pressure Florida Ale, and Bay Beer Light Lager are other staples. Big Storm Brewing Co. also has seasonal beers, such as the malty and sweet Oktoberfest, which is prepared in the typical Bavarian manor. Hose Oatmeal Stout has a deep roasted creaminess from the oats, as well as the tangy refreshing of Sunny Key Lime. There’s also the well-known spicy-sweet Dunder & Blixem lager! Big Storm Brewing Co. has lately expanded into the distillery business. Big Storm Distillery was founded in 2020 with the goal of producing world-class spirits with a distinct local flavor. Plain and flavored vodkas have been produced, with clementine, vanilla, and raspberry topping the list. They also make a smooth, light Silver Rum from sugarcane and molasses. Do you have a hankering for anything to eat? Choose from a wide range of delectable appetizers and casual meals on their extensive menu. From the grilled chicken Banh Mi sandwich to the four cheese flatbread with wilted greens and the beer-infused grass-fed beef sliders and several more.

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