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Clearwater Historical Society Museum and Cultural Center

The Clearwater Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching and preserving the city of Clearwater’s history. The society was founded in 1978 by a group of friends and neighbors who were interested in preserving heritage. The club relocated to the historic Plumb House, 1380 South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, in 1983. Avenue in Clearwater, Florida. In 2014, the group agreed to lease the historic South Ward School from the Pinellas County School Board. The old South Ward School, which opened in 1906, now houses the Clearwater Historical Society Museum and Cultural Center. The museum debuted in June of 2019 and just a portion of the 5 acres and 6 buildings dedicated to telling the narrative of Clearwater, Florida’s history are available to the public. The initial Clearwater High School was housed in the second structure. It remained a high school until 1924 when the second Clearwater High School on Greenwood Ave was completed. In 1958, the cafeteria was constructed, followed by the Medis Center (now the Event Center), the kindergarten room, and three smaller structures in 1971, which today contain the office and archives. There is also a rotating exhibit room that highlights various facets of Clearwater’s rich history. Since its opening in June 2019, work on additional exhibitions, programming, raising funding to rehabilitate other historic campus buildings, and a variety of other interesting events has continued. The Clearwater Historical Society’s purpose is to preserve the history of Clearwater, Florida, and the surrounding area. As a result, the Society will work to collect and preserve artifacts, antiquities, papers, and historic locations. Scholars and the general public will benefit from the Society’s historical archives, displays, and programming. This will be done by acting as a coordinating body for historical groups, as well as offering services to museums and other educational institutions. The Society will educate its members and the general public about history. This will be accomplished through educational, cultural, and social enterprises. The Society is responsible for maintaining and preserving buildings and structures as determined by the Board of Directors. The Clearwater Historical Society educates, collects, preserves, exhibits, and promotes the people, culture, and events that shaped Clearwater’s rich history. The Plumb House Museum is also located within the Plumb House. The Clearwater Historical Society and the Plumb House Museum are both housed here. But today Plumb House Museum is no longer a museum but a Performing Arts Center. The Plumb House, a historic Florida Cracker home, became the Clearwater Historical Society’s first museum site and serves as a memorial to one of Clearwater’s founding families.

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