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Moccasin Lake Nature Park

It feels like a planet apart from Florida’s crowded beaches! Moccasin Lake Nature Park is just a few hundred yards from bustling US 19 and blacktop lined with strip stores and fast-food restaurants. A hidden treasure in the heart of Clearwater, Moccasin Lake Nature Park is a beautiful, tranquil area for families to spend a day in nature. It features a lake, upland forest, wetlands, and a variety of native plant and animal species, as well as an environmental and energy education center. The park is traversed by a one-mile nature trail, and the Interpretive Center houses wildlife exhibits, displays, and information. Moccasin Lake is a 51-acre nature park with pathways and boardwalks winding through ancient oaks and over ponds and creeks. With both indoor and outdoor meeting space, the park provides workshops, events, camps, and meeting/reception rentals. Visitors at Moccasin Lake Nature Park will be able to participate in a variety of activities. They may join instructional hiking excursions, see wildlife displays, or send their children to educational camps while strolling along shaded, peaceful oak-lined pathways. The park has woodland and is home to a variety of species including raptors, peacocks, turtles, butterflies, and bald eagles in a unique enclosure. The Cypress Trail leads to a hill with a view of a big lake. For wading birds, Brigham Dock is a good observing spot. The environment center in the park offers a variety of activities for children. Moccasin Lake Nature Park, in the heart of Clearwater, feels like something out of a storybook. Nature walks, ponds, creeks, and trails lined with shady oak trees may all be found here. 1.5 kilometers of boardwalk pathways traverse across the forest canopy zone, passing through lush ferns and trickling streams. There’s also a looped track that’s completely wheelchair accessible! Hiking trips with lots of information are available. In a wooded environment, you may also witness other species such as birds of prey, butterflies, peacocks, and turtles. Bald eagles are also housed in a cage, and a butterfly garden allows visitors to get up and personal with the insects. At the park’s wildlife center, some birds are even rehabilitated. Several injured birds of prey call it home. The water tower at Moccasin Lake Nature Park is extremely fascinating since it is lined with solar panels. The park’s electricity and water are provided by the sun and wind. That is why, whether you want to go sightseeing, get some exercise, or immerse yourself in nature, this park is a must-see.

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